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Participation and Protection: Security Council Dynamics, Bureaucratic Politics and the Evolution of the Women, Peace and Security Agenda

Jenkins & Goetz | 2018

This chapter focuses on the political and institutional factors behind the implementation of UN Security Council resolution 1325, highlighting two elements of the Women, Peace, and Security (WPS) Agenda: participation and protection. Yet, despite efforts, women remain underrepresented. A sole focus on protection of women from sexual violence, due to opposition to participation, a lack of accountability systems, and a lack of a powerful advocate within the UN bureaucratic system, perpetuates a protectionist narrative. The chapter includes suggestions for UN working groups to better enable women’s participation in peace and security processes.


Could conflict transformation education Serve as a mechanism for increasing PEACEFULNESS in colombia?

Thomas Hill | 2018

Conventional approaches to peace education have not led to more peaceful societies. In order to produce the broad political and social shifts that many peace educators have envisioned, a new type of educational approach is needed. Conflict transformation education (CTE) is a promising new approach that seeks to shift attitudes at a group level rather than individually, and embraces rather than denies its explicit political aim to shift social norms regarding the use of violence. CTE could be a useful tool in the post-peace agreement Colombian context.


Seeking ‘common information’ among refugees, program workers, and academic researchers

Voigts & Watne | 2018

Power differentials, transitoriness and a lack of common understanding of what knowledge is valuable to share all contribute to a lack of ‘common information’ among refugees, academic researchers, and humanitarian program workers. To strengthen collaborations, the authors propose increasing direct involvement by refugees in academic and program development; longer-term engagements and relationship development; and collaborations among all involved in the further development of theoretical frameworks

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