How we work

We put equitable partnerships and a respect for local capacities for peace at the heart of our work

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—Characterized by strengthened long-term relationships between states, interstate organizations, nations, and individuals— calls  for a versatile set of tools that only high-quality education can provide. 

PREP has accepted this challenge in order to contribute to the reduction of direct and structural violence and to the growth of healthy, sustainable systems of constructive change. 


In order to build more peaceful societies, it is necessary to participate in vibrant and equitable partnerships that model best peacebuilding practices on international, regional and local levels.

Central to that approach is a commitment to work closely with universities and affiliate organizations to identify, strengthen and draw upon local capacities for peacebuilding.

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Our Approach

With our affiliates in Iraq and Colombia, we: 

1. Strengthen the academic and administrative capacities of higher education institutions to serve as peacebuilding actors at community and regional levels;

2. Harness the intellectual and creative capacity of local populations to strengthen social cohesion and community-level resilience to conflict among populations affected by displacement and violence;

3. Improve peace research practice to contribute to better policy formulation.