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Youth and Peace Seminar with Aya Chebbi


MSGA students had an afternoon conversation with Aya Chebbi, award-winning Pan-African feminist during PREP’s final seminar on Youth and Peace. Aya shared insights from her work as a young activist during Tunisia’s Jasmine Revolution and from her current role as the the African Union’s first Youth Envoy. She illustrated how she has consistently used her platform to create wider access to hierarchical and patriarchal institutions that so often exclude youth and women. She has does so by, for example, facilitating participatory review processes of Tunisia’s most recent constitution or by extending the invitations to meetings with high government officials as the Youth Envoy to local youth activists. Aya also highlighted the importance of technology in raising youth political consciousness and mobilizing youth to change exclusionary political systems. She stressed the importance of twenty-first century solutions to today’s problems which include means for transnational organizing for youth to support one another in Africa and throughout the world. In that spirit -- and in the true spirit of the sustaining peace agenda -- Aya is open to sharing what she and her colleagues organizing revolutions in Africa have learned, “If you [liberal democracies] need help, just tell the global south.”