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Youth and Peace Seminar with Harald Thoerud of the UN Peacebuilding Fund

  • NYU SPS Center for Global Affairs 15 Barclay Street New York, NY, 10007 United States (map)

Harald Thoerud of the UN Peacebuilding Fund (PBF) at the Peacebuilding Support Office joined NYU Center for Global Affairs students for an afternoon discussion on PBF’s efforts to support youth peacebuilding more significantly and described the ways in which the Fund is working on youth engagement in Colombia, El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras. Thoerud highlighted the Fund’s growing investment in young peacebuilders; this year marked the highest approval rate for youth projects with a total of 19 youth projects approved for almost 22 million dollars. Thoerud further described how the Sustaining Peace and Youth Peace and Security resolutions have brought significant changes at the UN by more effectively integrating UN peacebuilding, security, political, development, and humanitarian work with greater emphasis on youth. Pointing to the first annual call for proposal for The Gender Youth Promotion Initiative Fund, — which will fund local organizations focused on youth and gender — Thoerud illustrated how PBF is operationalizing the these resolutions as well as UN Resolution 2419 on youth in conflict prevention and resolution -- which has a particular focus on young women and the most marginalized.