Audrey Watne


Audrey Watne is a researcher for PREP based in Iraq. She began her work with PREP as the monitoring and evaluation specialist on the Community-based Peace Education program and Improving Social Cohesion program conducted by the NYU Center for Global Affairs and the University of Duhok’s Center for Peace and Conflict Resolution Studies in 2016 and 2017.  She served as Institutional Learning Specialist for the Strengthening University Capacity in Peacebuilding in Duhok and Mosul program in 2017-18. Ms. Watne holds an M.S. in Global Affairs and Peacebuilding from NYU’s School of Professional Studies. Her current research interests include power dynamics in international peacebuilding partnerships; measuring the effectiveness of peacebuilding education programs; best practices in peacebuilding collaboration among academics, humanitarian program workers, and refugees; and the dynamics of recruitment of displaced people to armed groups in Ninewa, Iraq.   

In 2015, Ms. Watne served as the Program Monitoring and Evaluation Assistant with REACH in Sulaimani, Iraq. Before joining PREP, she worked as Assistant Manager for the Center for Human Rights and Global Justice at New York University School of Law. Ms. Watne loves languages and speaks Arabic at an intermediate level and basic Kurdish.